Lab publications

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Pre-Agrawal Lab

The two body problem: Drosophila proprioception across the metamorphic divide. [pdf]

Agrawal S, Tuthill JC (2022). Current Opinion in Neurobiology, Special Issue on Neuroscience of Somatosensation, 74, 102546.

Functional architecture of neural circuits for leg proprioception in Drosophila. [pdf]

Chen C, Agrawal S*, Mamiya A*, Mark B*, Sustar A, Dickson B, Card G, Tuthill JC (2021). Current Biology, S0960-9822 (21) 01275-6.

Reconstruction of motor control circuits in adult Drosophila using automated transmission electron microscopy. [pdf]

Phelps JS, Hildebrand DGC, Graham BJ, Kuan AT, Thomas LA, Nguyen TM, Buhmann J, Azevedo AW, Sustar A, Agrawal S, Liu M, Shanny BL, Funke J, Tuthill JC, Lee WCA (2021). Cell, 184 (3), 759-774.e18.

Central processing of leg proprioception in Drosophila. [pdf]

Agrawal S, Dickinson E, Sustar A, Gurung P, Shepherd D, Truman J, and Tuthill JC (2020). eLife 9, e60299.

Active learning narrows achievement gaps for underrepresented students in undergraduate STEM courses. [pdf]

Theobald E, Hill M, Tran E, Agrawal S, …, Freeman S (2020). PNAS. (12) 6476-6483. *Altmetric top 100 publications of 2020

The effects of target contrast on Drosophila courtship. [pdf]

Agrawal S and Dickinson MH (2019). Journal of Experimental Biology. Journal of Experimental Biology. 222 (16), jeb203414.

Haltere morphology and campaniform sensilla arrangement across Diptera. [pdf]

Agrawal S, Grimaldi D, and Fox JL (2016). Arthropod Structure and Development. 46 (2), 215-229.

The relative roles of vision and chemosensation in mate recognition of Drosophila melanogaster. [pdf]

Agrawal S, Safarik S, and Dickinson MH (2014). Journal of Experimental Biology 217 (15), 2796-2805.